Feculent Thursday: Half Marathon…Full Sludge Bog!

Blindman Trail Marathon Training – Week 9/12 – Day 4…13.29 Miles…💪🏼

Hi all. Now i can safely say…That was the worst walk i’ve ever done, and if the event day is anything like this one i’m not sure i can do it! 😭 The sun was so bright this morning i couldn’t even stay on the trail. I spent so much time ankle deep in disgustingly muddy puddles and bogs my feet felt like wet bricks. So even though i’d managed a half marathon…My celebration is short lived as i think i’m off to bed to recover! 😨

I’ll try and described my sight for you whilst on the walk this morning with the amazingly bright sun (not joking this time)…It was like smearing vaseline in both eyes whilst shining a 12,000 lumin torch directly into my face. The trail was also a complete white out, yet not quite white as a mushy pea green…But remember i’m also colour blind so not exactly sure what colour that is?! Oh and my eyes are constantly running too which drips down my cheeks onto my knees…Blurry doesn’t even come close to describing it…Oh and sunglasses don’t work and make it worse, and i wear a peaked baseball cap too!

I lost count on the times i suddenly dropped into a proper deep sludge bog, with both feet that almost popped out my hip bones. I simply couldn’t stay on the trail and lost my way so many times i couldn’t believe it, as i thought i’d got the trail nailed in my head, but i was getting so distracted and getting more and more fed up with every cold wet foot plop.

Having said all of that…I’m happy to have battled my way around the worst walk ever and completed 5 laps which is just over a half marathon…Well it’s easier now i’m back home and sat safely typing this eating my ‘Manwich’ and drinking a stupendous coffee made by my lovely wife Sarah! ❤️🤣

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2022 together!! 💪🏼

Motivational Quote:..

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”

Written on the back of my INOV8 t-shirt

4 thoughts on “Feculent Thursday: Half Marathon…Full Sludge Bog!

    1. Awww thanks so much! It was a killer today and i have no idea what the next 38 days will bring until the big one?! But i’ll keep going as i have fantastic support from the best encouragers like yourself! 💪🏼
      Let’s see where the limit is on this blindman from England, lol?! 🤣


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