Figure Of 8 Friday: Yay my new 5 mile lap! 💪🏼

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Today’s training was trying my new figure of 8 trail (wow just like the Scalextric when i was a kid, lol) although i only sat down and pressed a trigger for that one and didn’t have to walk 500 miles! Maybe i’ll try a gaming charity challenge next time, lol! 🤣

I walked around my new trail and it was exactly 5 miles from (and to) my door step. The actual trail once in the woods (i measured it with segments on my apple watch) was 4.2 miles…I’ll be walking 2 or 3 of these laps each day from Monday!! 😨


Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge Training: 4 days to go!

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Today’s training was to try (for the final time) to add an extra loop to my trusted 2.5 mile trail. I told Sarah roughly where i’d be in case i fell down a hole, got ran over or simply just got lost. She said she’d check my location on ‘find my friends’ if i’m too long, lol! 🤣 So here i go…

I walked off my route and down to the furthest point of my walk and launched my iPhone maps app. I knew there was a road that went in the general direction of home but i didn’t know how i get there or if there was a pavement (sidewalk) next to the road…I also knew there’s a train line very close and i wouldn’t survive being run over by a train but i might survive being run over by a car though, lol. As i can’t see my phone i generally use ‘Siri’ so i asked for directions home so it would take me up this unknown route…But Siri didn’t work as no connection, fantastic! 😀

So using ‘Voiceover’ i managed to get the step by step audio directions going, and it wasn’t long before i was very tentatively walking up the road! I wasn’t doing my usual confident charge (as i do on my usual lap) but i was shuffling like a cross between a penguin and a duck, as i though at any time i’d either fall down a massive hole…Or worse twist and sprain an ankle, knee or neck! 🤣 After about half a mile i finally popped out on a road i recognised, and after another short walk i ended up back on the ‘triangle’ part of my normal trail lap! 💪🏼 😀 I stopped to close the app as (after 3 years of trying) i’d actually made an extra loop and put about an additional 1 mile to my trail lap…When i heard some clip clopping a little like the sound of the Monty Python cast hitting coconuts in the holy grail movie…I quickly moved to the edge of the path and waited for the noise to pass…🤔

Once i returned home and zoomed rightt in on the photos, i could see it wasn’t the cast of Monty Python but a couple of real horses! 🤣 Thankfully the horses weren’t hungry and didn’t chew my arms off, and as i slowly followed they didn’t leave a mountain of manure for me to wade through…Which i’m really glad about as i have 500 miles to do in 61 days on this trail starting Monday, lol! 🤣

Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge…

“Diabetes is relentless and simply never stops…But neither do I!” – Blind Steve 💪🏼

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my 61 day fundraising challenge!! 😨

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