No More Flapjacks!! 😭

Hi FitBlitz Family! I’ve just received some devastating news…The lady behind the counter of our new (opened last year) local bakery said “Did you know we’re closing permanently on the 30th of this month?” 😭

I was in there getting 4 chocolate flapjacks (the best i’ve ever tasted) ready to start the training this week ready for the start of my ‘One Million Step Challenge‘ this Monday. They are not only incredibly tasty, but they were the fuel for my walks…They even got me through the ‘Trail Marathon‘ i did in April this year!

Anyway this post will be a final goodbye to the best chocolate flapjacks i’ve ever tasted…Now i have to recalculate the fuel for the 500 miles of walking i’ve got to do for my next challenge!! 💪🏼 😀


Image taken from Cracks Bakery on Ubereats

I can’t tell you just how nice these square delicious delights are…I use them to fuel my walking, and wow what a motivator it is when walking through woods eating and burning off the calories of this stupendous treat at the same time…I’m really going to miss them on my next challenge!! 😨  

Awww i’m Getting hungry whilst writing about this!! 😋