Photobombing Thursday: Yay Sunshine! ☀️

Hi FitBlitz Friends! Since yesterday’s attempt at a wide angle selfie, i’m starting to take them at different points around the trail…Don’t worry i won’t be in all of the photos, it feels a little like photobombing to me, lol! 🤣 Well at least you know that i’m actually there and not just using someone elses photos…I literally have to drag my lazy bones out in the cold so i can share my walking with you! 💪🏼 😀

I was happy to know that it wasn’t freezing this morning as it was a scorching 2˚C, and the sun was out, yay! In fact the sun was proper blinding and so bright that i struggled lots on my walk today…But it also meant that my photos would look better with some sunshine injection! 💪🏼 😀

I hope you’re reading this with a cup of something warm, i’m drinking some hot fresh coffee made by my lovely wife Sarah as i type this. ☕ Anyway i’ll be quiet now and let you enjoy the whopping 4 photos i’ve taken during my walk this morning. 😀

Motivational Quote:..💪🏼

“I don’t stop when I’m tired (or freezing), I stop when I’m DONE!”

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2023 Together! 💪🏼


5 thoughts on “Photobombing Thursday: Yay Sunshine! ☀️

    1. Awww Dayle what a loving thing to say! 😀

      I’ve just asked Siri and 2˚C is about 35˚F, it doesn’t sound as cold with a number that high…I’ll stop complaining now, lol! 😀 ☕


        1. Yay so it is really cold and i’m not moaning for nothing, lol! 🤣
          I need some of that Florida sunshine, as i’m not sure it’s going to warm up here for about 6 months!! ☀️

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