Walking Wednesday: Still Freezing! ❄️

Hi FitBlitz Friends! Yeah it’s still freezing…Well it’s only -2˚C (feels like -6˚C) and i went on the trail yesterday so i can’t complain too much, lol. I thought i’d try a go out a little bit earlier to try and get some more interesting photos, but i think i went out too early as it was too dark and really didn’t help, lol, at least i’m learning more and more each day. 🤣

I finally arrived at the pond and didn’t end up in it as it’d got a little bit lighter. I’m really getting used to where i need to stand to get my 2 photos of the pond…Well it’s working at the moment as there is nobody else around, things might change when it starts to get warmer…But i like adapting to the situation at hand! 💪🏼 😀

As i was walking around my lap of the trail, i was thinking about where i could take a photo that you hadn’t seen yet…Then i thought “I can’t take selfies but i can use the normal rear cameras and take a wide angle, which will give much more scope to try and fit me in the shot as i don’t know where i’m pointing”.

As i can’t see the camera at all i was pleasantly surprised when i zoomed in on my mac at home and seen me in the shot (success). Not the most flattering shot of me but this is real life as it happens, lol. At least i managed to point my googly eyes near the camera (only because i was holding it so i knew roughly where it was) which is a bonus too! 🤣

Motivational Quote:..💪🏼

“I don’t stop when I’m tired (or freezing), I stop when I’m DONE!”

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2023 Together! 💪🏼


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