❤️ 1 Million Steps Complete! 💪🏼

Hi Friends!!

Yay this blindman has somehow managed to drag this classic body 500 miles and reach 1 million steps to complete the challenge with 6 days to go!! I’m seriously heading for the pits to be restored and give my legs a rest so they won’t be as swollen and battered. 💪🏼 😀

You’ll be pleased to hear i won’t be doing any more charity challenges this year, so i won’t be hounding you for donations…But as this is my last opportunity and i’ve already smashed one of my two goals (the steps) please could you help me smash my fundraising goal??!!

During this agonising challenge and battling an omnifarious amount of emotions, i’ve learned that brittle type 1 diabetes is a million times worse than i’ve been feeling, and it simply never gives up, stays the same and definitely never rests! I really have full respect for my lovely wife Sarah and all the other amazing warriors who suffer on and carry on the fight! 💪🏼

So if you’re feeling inspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and best friends, creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Every penny given will go towards Diabetes UK care and support services, advice and guidance, and pioneering research. Together, we’re changing the world for people with diabetes. 💪🏼

Thank you so much, Steve & Sarah! ❤️


4 thoughts on “❤️ 1 Million Steps Complete! 💪🏼

  1. I’m so proud of the two of you! Sarah for persevering through a difficult disease and you for supporting her completely with this challenge. You two are an incredible team. Thank you for being so bold and authentic with all you’ve done. You are inspiring in the best way.

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    1. Hi Dayle!! Awww what a fantastic comment once again, i keep saving all of your comments as they keep leaving me overwhelmed and lost for words. I could put them up on my wall as they are just so kind, loving and encouraging! I can’t thank you enough for always being here, donating and encouraging me all of the way…Especially at the times when i really need it as i’m normally so tired and on the floor! 💪🏼 🙏
      Sarah is mind blowing at how she copes with brittle type 1 diabetes, and how she smiles and dances her way through the worst times…The Joy of the Lord is her strength! 😀
      And the other thing that blows my mind…Is having a blessed sister in Christ all the way over there in the USA cheering and sharpening this blunt axe, lol! 🤣 You are such a blessing, way more than you know already as my words don’t do you justice! 🙏
      Thank you and thank you again…God bless you! 😀


      1. You are worthy of celebration, my friend. Not only do you care well for your wife, but your heart for the world is beautiful. You are a courageous, caring, and kind man who is a faithful follower of Jesus and a wonderful reflection of His gospel grace. An instrument of His peace. I look forward to the time when you and Sarah and I can meet.


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