Day 53/61: Home Straight…Hopefully! 😲

Hi Friends!!

Man is this challenge still going?! I don’t know about you but i was fed up after the 1st month…I think I’m having ‘post challenge blues’ but during the challenge, lol! 🀣

I think my legs are shorter, i’m really starting to hate walking and most of all my lovely new trainers burned out after 300 miles!! 😭 I can’t believe this challenge is still going on, i’m seriously not doing another endurance challenge again (not sure how true this statement will be once i’ve finished).

Oh i almost forgot…I’m meant to be celebrating passing 900,000 steps (that’s around 450 miles) which is fantastic and further than i’ve ever walked without a days rest! I hope you can celebrate for me as i’m still on the floor exhausted and lacking the power to go on.

I know brittle type 1 diabetes is a million times worse than i’m feeling right now, and it never gives you a rest period…I really have full respect for Sarah and all the other amazing warriors who suffer on and fight it! πŸ’ͺ🏼


2 thoughts on “Day 53/61: Home Straight…Hopefully! 😲

  1. Steve, your pain is real, your legs hurt, your shoes burned out–reality in the midst of your heart’s desire is real. But you’ve not given up. You’re finishing well–finishing the race set before you because you have a reason and a passion. I’m proud of what you’ve done. You’re an inspiration to all who read this. Thank you for staying the course with courage and determination.

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