Day 39/61: Thunder storms! β›ˆ

Hi Friends!!

Wow now that was a soaking, lol! 🀣 As i walked out with my rain coat on i was thinking it was a bad idea as i was getting a little warm. The sun was still blazing after mile three, and i was thinking of walking home as it was too difficult…Until…The sun ran off and it absolutely hammered it down!! 😨

The best thing about the rain hammering my cap and trying to pierce my rain coat, was everything went grey and dull so i could see a tiny bit better…Win win, lol! 🀣 I also hit my record steps in one day during this challenge, i hit 34,000 steps which will really help me catch up!! πŸ’ͺ🏼 πŸ˜€

My legs are just about holding on for dear life, even after rolling over on my ankles a few times over the last 2 days…Thankfully my old football days have somehow made them like rubber as i used to always roll over, or get smashed over on my ankles…So i’ll be super thankful for that as i don’t have any injuries, yay! I need to still do 8.5 miles a day for the remaining 22 days…Your prayers are always welcome! πŸ™


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