Day 10/61: Shoe lace charms, Soundscape & heatwaves! ☀️

Hi Friends!!

I’ve already pounded over 100 miles wearing my super bright Inov8 Trailfly G300 max trail shoes…And as a reward for earning the first donation Diabetes UK sent me some metal shoe lace charms to wear during the challenge:

“When you receive your first donation we’ll send you a shoelace charm as a special reminder that every step counts and we must always look after our feet. We’ll post this to you automatically if you’ve opted to receive rewards. We’ll send these out throughout the challenge.”

Sarah tells me they look fantastic and fit perfectly on the trail shoe. I’m defo looking after my feet with these stupendous shoes…I really don’t want to burn them out but the challenge is worth it!! 💪🏼 😀

About The Blind Navigation Soundscape app…😲

I’ve been out on my trail again this morning, finding places where i can add new waypoints along my journey which will help me. I’ve now placed 14 audio markers which the app calls out the title and description i’ve typed, it’s distance from where i’m walking…And it beeps when i’m facing as it tracks my head movement like a compass with the new apple AirPods (it’s fantastic). It also calls out nearby roads, paths, points of interest, bus stops, crossings etc…I’m starting to like it a lot as i learn more and more, I’m finding places i never knew existed, lol! 🤣

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just over 208,000 steps after 10 days! I’m really looking forwards for when the weather cools down so i can get more steps in, but it’s not happening any time soon! 💪🏼 🤣

Heatwave for the rest of the week…☀️

Today’s theme: “Black & White” 🤔

During a cruise in 2017 around Greece, Montenegro and Croatia, Sarah & i had some photos taken on the ship so i just had to share one of them, as i have this one as a screensaver on my phone! ❤️


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