Day 9/61: Soundscape, indoor workouts & more sun! ☀️

My Soundscape app home screen! 😀

Hi Friends!!

Today was not only another hot 29˚C, but i had to wait in for some deliveries…Which meant i had to fight for my steps today! 💪🏼 I managed an early quick few miles before the start time of the deliveries, as i wanted to try out my new ‘Soundscape’ app on my trail. I’m at the beginners stage of the app so just managed to place some map markers along my route, to see if my earphones can pick them up in 360˚ audio beacon targeting thingy, which would be cool and very useful when i get lost!! 😀

I also did some workouts on apple fitness plus in my living room to try and keep my steps up…I managed quite a few steps whilst bombing around the room, lol! 🤣 Now i’ll probably spend the rest of my challenge trying to map out my trail with audio markers! 💪🏼 😀

About The Soundscape app…😲

“Microsoft Soundscape is a free iOS app that provides travelers who are visually impaired or blind information about places around them in the environment. Soundscape will announce names of stores, streets and the direction you are traveling. This app is designed to “fill in the gaps” in the traveler’s mental map. Soundscape creates a 3D audio map as you travel through the environment.”

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just over 188,000 steps after 9 days! 💪🏼 🤣

Today’s theme: “Leaves” 🤔

Me and my lovely wife Sarah constantly talk about the palm trees (well everything at Southern Palms, Barbados), so as the theme for today is “Leaves” i just had to post the photos of the view from our room…Awww we miss our fave place on earth! ☀️ 😀

Taken inside our room 112 at Southern Palms, Barbados.
Taken right outside our room…What a view! 😀

4 thoughts on “Day 9/61: Soundscape, indoor workouts & more sun! ☀️

    1. 🤣 Hey Dayle! Wow it sounds amazing! Sarah is looking at many ways to get us over there and visit you guys…She’s found one option which is a fly and cruise which has around 3 ports in Florida and then a day in Bermuda in-between, which is in May 2023 for 1 week! 😲 So instead of flying back right after we could maybe get to see you guys?! 💪🏼 😀
      Is the weather more manageable in May over there?


      1. It’s hot. But a cruise then would be pleasant because there are always breezes on the water. Plus the ship is moving. Heat and humidity are something we deal with here except in December through March. You’re welcome any time.

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