Day 8/61: ☀️ Heatwaves, awards & more steps!

Hi Friends!!

Yeah i’m still walking, lol! 🤣 It’s day 8 of this monumental 61 day challenge, and i have another heatwave to look forwards too for nearly 2 weeks! 😨 It’s 29˚C today and i’m getting my well rounded tan as i walk my circular lap…Well at least that’s a bonus, lol! 🤣 Walking in the sun is an absolute killer for me, as the brightness fries my eyes, brain and drains me really fast no matter what hat, cap or sunglasses combo i try…It’s just the sight i have to put up with..At least i get a break when i’m asleep, and i even dream fully sighted some of the time which is weird…But brittle Type One Diabetes never gives Sarah a rest so i’ll stop complaining, lol…And it’s why i’m doing this challenge without a rest day too! 😨

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just over 169,000 steps after 8 days…I think the donation on Saturday from the amazing Dayle has turbocharged my steps!! 💪🏼 🤣

Motivational Monday Awards…😲

One of the benefits of killing myself during the crazy challenges i do for the charities close to my heart is…earning the awards from my apple watch. I still can’t believe i’ve had my watch since Feb 2021, as the 500 move goals (1 per day) means i’ve had my watch for over 500 days, wow that’s gone fast! 🤣


5 thoughts on “Day 8/61: ☀️ Heatwaves, awards & more steps!

  1. Hey Steve,

    Your journey is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us. Please be careful in this awful heat It sounds like you guys have it as bad as we do here in the USA.

    Take care my dear brother,


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    1. Yay it’s Nancy all the way from the USA! 😲 I still find it amazing that we can connect on our blogs like this!
      I went out again in this heatwave armed with my backpack and bottles of water, lucozade, protein bar and hob nobs…I still came home soaked like it had been raining but i was sweating like i had an inner sprinkler, lol! 🤣
      I don’t know if 32˚C (89˚F) is very hot for you and your state, but it’s a killer here and the sun light is extra bright. ☀️
      Either way i have to go out and get my miles (steps) logged for this challenge for Diabetes UK which i’m connected to through Sarah having type one diabetes since childhood. 💪🏼
      Hope you and Ken are doing well and it’s not too hot over there? 🤔
      God bless you both. 🙏


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