Day 4/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️

Hi FitBlitz Friends!!

Yay i actually managed to get me and a bit of the trail in a selfie this morning! 😲 I thought i’ve been taking hundreds of photos whilst on my trail walks…But not one of me on the trail which could lead to you thinking i’m just posting anyones photos, lol! 🤣 I can’t see my iPhone at all so don’t take many selfies, mainly as i’m old and think the camera should be pointing the other way (others come first). 🤣

Please let me know if you like seeing me in the frame with the trail, and i’ll have to start trying to get better at it…Meanwhile here is a normal photo of my trail! 🤣

I managed 8.5 miles today in the hot sun and had no dramas. I was trying to slow down to just over 3 mph but my body just won’t slow whilst on the trail…What’s wrong with it, lol! 🤣 😡

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just over 92,000 steps after 4 days…I’m hoping for some more steps this afternoon and evening, as i’m trying to build a surplus before my legs burn off, as you never know what can happen to this blindman whilst out on the trail…So i’ll get the steps in when i can! 💪🏼

Today’s Theme: “W” 🤔

After checking the theme for today on the Facebook group and saw it was “W”, i thought a post about ‘Water’ would be very educational and how important it is to stay hydrated. Then i thought – walking, waving and so many more…But there wasn’t a chance i was passing up another opportunity to show off my lovely ‘WARRIOR’ ‘WIFE’ Sarah!!! 🌻 😀


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