Day 2/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️

A windy trail in the centre of the image with trees all around from left to right

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Wow that was tough!! For the last couple of miles i was staggering like a zombie in an 80’s dodgy horror film, lol! 🤣 I know my new extended trail lap is harder as it has more uphill sections, but this was crazy…I was exhausted, dripping with sweat as it’s still hot here and drinking my water like a dying man. But i managed the 9.3 miles (about 19,000 steps) before lunchtime, and i’ve only got 59 days to go, lol! 🤣 😨

A large close up of a sunflower taking up the whole left of the photograph

The sunflower above is one of Sarah’s in the garden. I managed to earn some more steps last night by watering the flowers…Well once i’d picked myself off the ground after my first 9.3 miles walk yesterday! 🤣 And as this flower hit me in the face…I thought i’d take a photo of it. Wow it’s nearly as bright as a Sarah smile! 😲

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just under 43,000 steps after 2 days…I’m hoping for some more steps this afternoon and evening, as i’m trying to build a surplus before my legs explode as you never know what each day will bring…So i’ll get the steps in when i can! 💪🏼

Today’s Theme: Grey…🤔

After checking the theme for today on the Facebook group and telling Sarah it was “Grey”. She jumped up and said “I know just the thing”, wow i’ve not even got my walking gear on yet, lol! 🤣 Yay it’s Boofle and his “Grey” coffee please t-shirt! Awww and do i need coffee today! 😀

My Fundraising Progress So Far…❤️❤️❤️ I LO

A half filled climbing scale from left to right. with £125 raised with a £250 target below

If you (like me) are feeling inspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, best friends and of course my lovely wife Sarah…creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

A large red donate now button

Every penny given will go towards Diabetes UK care and support services, advice and guidance, and pioneering research. Together, we’re changing the world for people with diabetes.

Thank you so much, Steve & Sarah! ❤️


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