Day 1/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Well this is it, the start of my gruelling 500 mile step challenge. I put on my stupendous new trail shoes, my backpack with water, lucozade and maybe a protein bar or two, lol…When Sarah said “Quick you need to have a photo for the start of your challenge, and to show the Fitblitz family that you’ve started”…Above is the photo of the old blind guy trying to walk 500 miles, lol! 🤣


I managed a 9.3 mile (2 of my new laps) to kick off this morning steps. It worked out at 19,062 steps, so i quickly logged it on my fundraising page…A good start and i still have more to come on this first day! 😀

Today’s Theme: Pink…

During this challenge i’d joined the ‘One million step’ Facebook group, and they have a theme for each day to keep things interesting. As you know i like taking photos but i was stumped on my very first theme…It was ‘Pink’. You will also know that i’m blind but i’m also colour blind too and i see pinks as silver, lol! 🤣 So Sarah (as we are a team) took my phone and went into the garden as she had just the thing to complete the theme, yay!! 💪🏼

The incredible donation…

I’d just walked alongside the rail crossing in the intense heat and was very tired (no i didn’t play chicken with the train, lol) and i was about 7 miles into my walk when…The jolly muppets theme tune blasted my ears off letting me know i’ve just received a donation! The donation was from my lovely wife Sarah and she’d left me this message “Thanks for doing this amazing challenge to support diabetes UK my lovely husband. I just wanted to contribute and get you started on what is going to be a very tiring 2 months ahead. You can do it !!!“. It means so much to me that i have Sarah’s blessing, encouragement and support, it floods my heart! ❤️

Not only was this a fantastic donation which has boosted my motivation like a turbocharger…But it meant i passed the £100 milestone which means Diabetes UK will now send me out a ‘one million step’ t-shirt to wear! 😲 Of course when it arrives i’ll get lots of photos for you. Now to hit the £250 milestone which means i’ll earn the 400ml water bottle…I need lots of water!! 💪🏼 😀

If you (like me) are feeling inspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, best friends and of course my lovely wife Sarah…creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Every penny given will go towards Diabetes UK care and support services, advice and guidance, and pioneering research. Together, we’re changing the world for people with diabetes.

Thank you so much, Steve & Sarah! ❤️


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