☀️ 31˚C Walking Wednesday: 6 Miles! ðŸ˜…

Hi FitBlitz family! Well there is 1 good thing about going out in the intense heat and dripping with sweat for the past 2 days…The trail was empty!! I couldn’t believe it as it was perfect for me not to have cyclists, runners and ferocious dogs coming at me all of the time. 🤣

This week (after getting back from an amazing trip to the Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club) i’d decided to switch up my walking again…I’ve pulled out my First Tactical 60+ litre (with all the pouches) backpack, and it feels like wearing power armour (from Fallout 4 PS Game) as it wraps around you. The wide hip belt itself has 4 pouches on including 2 water bottle pouches…I’m so grateful for these especially in this incredible heat! 💪🏼 Sorry i could go on for ever talking about just how many pouches, pockets and compartments it has (yes i love it, lol) but i’ll just say that it’s typical that the heat wave started as i chose to use it, lol! 🤣

Are you managing to get out in the heat? Is it hot where you are? 🤔

Let’s FitBlitz 2022 Together!! 💪🏼

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