☀️ Hot Tuna Tuesday: 8.63 Miles!

Hi fitness family! I seriously didn’t want to go out today as i knew the sun was going to be far too bright, but i dragged myself out of the door and on to the trail…Once i’m out i can get it done and all of my excuses have failed, lol! 🤣

It wasn’t long before i could hear lots of engine noise and blades cutting, chopping and snapping twigs and branches in front of me, so i turned my audiobook off, slowed down and imagined walking on to huge blades as my flesh and bones are sprayed all over the trail. Once i listened properly, i could hear that they were moving forwards so i just followed super slowly until i could get past, phew! The image above shows what was in front…Could you let me know what it is in the comments section as i have no idea? 🤔

I managed 3 laps (8.63 miles) before i simply had to stop, as the sun persistently burned my eyes in to submission…I just couldn’t take any more! I would’ve liked to do 4 laps or even 5 which is a half marathon but my brain was fried! 😭

Once i returned home my lovely wife Sarah had made me her ‘Super Hot Tuna, Ham, Chicken, Cottage Cheese, Salad Tower Manwich’ on 7 seed protein wholemeal bread. 😲 The “Hot” doesn’t mean warm tuna (i hate that) but it means it’s an amazing sandwich…And it was! 😋

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2022 together!! 💪🏼

Motivational Quote:..

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”



3 thoughts on “☀️ Hot Tuna Tuesday: 8.63 Miles!

    1. 🤣 Yes my imagination can get a little out of hand sometimes, lol…But it seems to have helped me this time, and i was right to slow down and wait for it to disappear!
      Thanks so much for your description of the mystery slashing machine, i will listen out for it again as they are doing lots of work around the trail at the moment. I really don’t want to walk into the huge spinning blades…That really would put an end to my charity fundraising walks, lol! 🤣
      Hope you and family are staying safe and well?! 🙏 😀

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