Fundraising Friday: Can you help me reach my fundraising target?!❤️

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Hi friends. I’m simply blown away by all of the love and support from you guys, we’ve now reached a whopping 82%!! I also can’t believe there’s only 23 days until all of my hard work will be put to the test!!! 😰

Thanks to a face melting donation this week from Phil (Knopfler noodler guitar man), this blindman’s trail marathon challenge has reached £828 for the MS Society…I hope my mum would be proud?! 😲 💪🏼

The Donation…🎸

Phil‘s message: I want to encourage you with a small gift from the proceeds of my flat towards your mad, hair-brained challenge in support of your MS Society Blindman Trail Marathon. You deserve every penny Steve!!

My thank you message: Please turn your guitar amp volume knobs up to 11, and make a riff rocking, tube screaming, string bending, face melting and wah wah soloing noise as we need to thank Phil for his finger-picking harmonious donation! Once i’d stopped squealing (like a pinched harmonic) i realised this donation had smashed through the 75% mark of my target, and rested on 82%!! 🎸🎶🎤 Thank you so much Phil…You’re the best!! 💪🏼 😀 

Let’s stop MS together! 💪🏼

Don’t underestimate the impact of the money you are donating! It’s so important and it really does make a difference; today, tomorrow and for generations to come…❤️

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in Just 23 days…The Trail marathon…Or me…Is going down!! 🤣 💪🏼 


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