Yay…FitBlitz Achieved 200 Posts Badge!! 🙌😲

Hi all. Can you believe i’ve posted 200 posts on Fitblitz?! 😲 This is a complete shock to me as i’m really not a health and fitness person, and i really didn’t think i’d ever create a fitness blog. I seriously didn’t think you guys would ever read, follow or especially like my blog or posts…I thought you’d think it was all silly flapdoodle! 🤣 

A little section from my ‘About’ page…

People who already know me (from my other blogs ‘Rebus Photography‘ & ’iChristian‘) know I’ve been struggling to beat all kinds of obstacles since I was registered blind 20 years ago, at age 24….. BUT now it’s time to face my nemesis… Health & Fitness and it’s many enemies – overeating, obesity, excuses not to exercise and many more…😨 

I’m now trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and learning even more about health, fitness, weight training, nutrition and If you want to follow my blog, I’d like to share my adventures with you – So that we can lose weight and get fitter and stronger Together. 😀

What I’m trying to say to all of you guys is… THANK YOU…It means so much to me that you’ve joined me here, and we’re fighting and encouraging each other all of the way…And the fact you’re still here helping, supporting making me smile and motivating me along this crazy journey!! 💪🏼 

I hope I can continue to be a small blessing or inspiration to you for another million posts, lol!! 🙏 


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