Fundraising Friday: Can you help me reach my fundraising target?!❤️

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I can’t believe there’s only 7 weeks to go until all of my hard work will be put to the test!!! 😰

Don’t underestimate the impact of the money you are donating! It’s so important and it really does make a difference; today, tomorrow and for generations to come…❤️

Let’s stop MS together! 💪🏼

Thanks to 3 donations last week (Harry, Daniel & Heather) i’m only £2 away from hitting 50% of my target! 😲 💪🏼

Here is the message i received from Heather taken from the FitBlitz facebook page and my reply…

Heather Mertens
Since we met… wow back about a decade ago now!… on our blogs, I was just impressed with your journey and your praise to God! It was my honor to donate to this worthy cause. As you know both my daughter and I suffer from chronic disease, so your bravery and determination to due this is absolutely beautiful to us!

Steve Rebus
Heather Mertens Wow…I don’t Know what to say!! Thank you so much for your generous, kind and loving donation! Sorry i’m late at thanking you, i’ve been away in Derby (my birth town) visiting family and friends for a few days and just returned home!
I was sat in the front of my best mates car (Rob) Sarah was in the back with one of his small children when the Muppetts theme tune rang out from the phone in my pocket! After i was doing a funny dance/jig until the tune stopped…I checked my phone and found your donation! We were all excited and shocked as it was in dollars and from you who’ve never met me but we’ve become friends through wordpress bloggging etc. We are so thankful and i’m simply stunned through your kindness!
I can go on for ages but i better stop now! Thanks once again, your brother in Christ, Steve.

Awww I Love The WordPress Family!! ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Fundraising Friday: Can you help me reach my fundraising target?!❤️

  1. Wow, I was just playing my guitar last night whilst Sarah was on the phone to her mum when…🎶The Muppets theme tune blasted out of my iPhone (next to me) and i started doing the dance (once i’d put my guitar down, lol) Once the music had stopped and i’d stopped waving my arms around…The donation was from ‘Anonymous’ and all the way from Canada i think, if CA$’s is Canada, lol. 😲
    I seriously can’t tell you how thankful i am that someone not only reads my posts all the way over there in Canada, but connects and believes in me, the charity and the great work it’s doing and also is so loving to give so generously. ❤️ It’s simply mind-blowing and incomprehensible that i’ve received donations from Canada, United States and the United Kingdom! 🌎 😲 Thank you, thank you thank you! 🙏


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