Yay…50 Followers Badge!! 🙌 😀


Hi friends. I was checking my notifications this morning and I was stunned to have found this badge! As you may have guessed…I like to celebrate achievements and goals no matter how big or small! 💪🏼 😀 

A little section from my ‘About’ page…

People who already know me (from my other blogs ‘Rebus Photography‘ & ’iChristian‘) know I’ve been struggling to beat all kinds of obstacles since I was registered blind 20 years ago, at age 24….. BUT now it’s time to face my nemesis… Health & Fitness and it’s many enemies – overeating, obesity, excuses not to exercise and many more…😨 

I’m now trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and learning even more about health, fitness, weight training, nutrition and If you want to follow my blog, I’d like to share my adventures with you – So that we can lose weight and get fitter and stronger Together. 😀

What I’m trying to say to all of you guys is… THANK YOU…It means so much to me that you’ve joined me here, and we’re fighting, motivating and encouraging each other all of the way!! 💪🏼 

I hope I can continue to be a small blessing or inspiration to you!


3 thoughts on “Yay…50 Followers Badge!! 🙌 😀

    1. Hi Nancy.
      I was so surprised to find out i’d reached 50 followers on FitBlitz! There is no way in the world that i’d have thought i’d have created a health and fitness blog…And not only that but to have people follow, like and encourage me and themselves here…Complete madness! 🤣
      All of these badges really help motivate me and keep me pressing on, and pushing myself to figure out how far this blindman can go and achieve in my health and fitness lifestyle?! 😲
      But most of all it’s people like yourself that not only believe in me, but encourage, motivate and keep me accountable with your lovely comments! Oh and for going even further and fundraise for causes close to my heart when i decide to do a ridiculous challenge for a blindman, lol! 🤣
      For all of this i can’t thank you enough! 🙏

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