Motivational Monday: Wards & Awards!

Blindman Trail Marathon Training – Week 3 – Day 1…

Hi all, After spending all morning and most of the afternoon with Sarah up in London at the diabetic eye hospital…Just checking up on the not so good laser treatment they did in December (don’t get me started), there isn’t enough hours of daylight for me to get some mileage done today…But i do have a 6 mile walk tomorrow, Thurs & Friday…And a personal best 15 miles on Wednesday if i can manage it which should help put the miles back up this week. 🤣

But as today is ‘Motivational Monday’ i’d better give a little something to help motivate you, lol…So here are my January stats and a couple of badges/awards my fitness app sounded to tell me i’d achieved them over the weekend!! 🎉Do you have a fitness tracker etc to help you? I’d love to know if you do and what you do to stay motivated and keep smashing your goals??!!

January’s Stats…

Perfect Month – January…

Perfect Week (All Activity)…

Hope you’ve had a great time so far this January, and you’re smashing your health and fitness goals too?! 💪🏼 😀

Motivational Quote:

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”

This is written on the back of my INOV8 T-Shirt! 🤣

The Reason For All Of My Suffering (i mean training, lol)…

Please click the image above to read all about my fundraising story.

I’m planning to step off the sidelines again soon… this time in memory of my wonderful mum, Valerie who died after a 14 yr struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, in the same month that I was registered blind.

I’ve always wanted to do something positive to celebrate her life and as you may know, my lovely wife Sarah has just started work at the MS Society. I can think of no better time or charity to make my fundraising in memory wish come true and I can finally add my mums name to the MS Society fight to BEAT MS.

I’m possibly stretching myself a little too far for this challenge and so I’d really appreciate your support…Please click the MS Society photo above to read all about my challenge, my story and if you can…Please donate and help me reach my fundraising target! ❤️😀 Oh please help me by sharing my JustGiving page to anyone you know who may be interested! 💪🏼


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