Motivational Monday: Thawing Out! ☕

Hi all. “Awww that’s better” i say whilst drinking a soothing hot fresh coffee made by my lovely wife Sarah. Even though it was -1˚C, white and frosty ground which was also slippy and blazingly bright sunshine burning my eyes…I still somehow managed to drag myself out of the front door and do my 6 miles today! 💪🏼 😀

I have 2 hats to choose from when i go out – A baseball cap with a nice long peak to stop the incredible sun, or a beanie hat that keeps my ears and head warm. I chose the baseball cap today as i needed to stop some of that intense glare…But my ears got frozen off! 😨 Which one would you have chosen? 🤔

Reading the messages you guys have written on my fundraising page always inspires and motivates me…And having to write one of these blog posts each time i go out keeps me accountable too, lol! 🤣 So a huge thank you to you guys! 💪🏼 😀

Hope you have had a great time so far this year and you are either starting to set goals? Or you’re already smashing them?! 💪🏼 😀

“You do not rise to the occasion, you simply fall back to your level of training.”


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