😲 I’ve found Ruck Marching/rucking/Yompping..etc!

Me and my princess Sarah backpack, lol!

Hi all. I’ve been a little quiet around here over the last few weeks…But i’ve now found ‘Ruck Marching’. Some of you may have seen this coming as i do lots of walking through my local trail, but i seriously didn’t see it! I’ve always loved rucksacks (i have a few) and i’ve always loved the armed forces as i have family who have served and are still serving to this day.

As you know i don’t run at all as i’m always on my own, and my eyes just go crazy even at slow walking speeds never mind jogging or running. I’ve managed to do 14.6 miles in 4 hours (my longest non stop walk so far) whilst training for my ‘Blindman Trail Marathon’ in April 2022. Now i’m upping my walks with loaded marching and taking my walks to new heights whilst increasing strength, joints, endurance etc in a lot less time.

Over the last few weeks i’ve been switching from no backpack to slowly upping the weight to 35 pounds so far. I’m being really careful and packing my First Tactical 3 day backpack and making sure it’s very balanced and tied up tight and it’s going really well! πŸ’ͺ🏼 πŸ˜€ Do you have any experience with Rucking or loaded marches? I’d be very interested to find out?! πŸ€”

P.s I no longer have to carry my princess Sarah around now, lol…Although if i get better at rucking i think it will come in really handy when she needs a lift! 🀣


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