#6 Trail Marathon Training – Getting Stronger! 💪🏼

Hi readers…As it’s “Walking Wednesday” it’s time to go for another lifetime personal best…It’s my quest to get a little stronger each week and prepare myself for the monumental challenge…Is that the Bill Conti song “Gonna Fly Now (Rocky theme)” song i can hear, lol! 🤣 

Motivational Quote…💪🏼 

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated” 

This is written on the back of my INOV8 T-Shirt! i wear to motivate me!🤣 

Yay i managed another 4 (and a bit)  laps today in the torrential rain, strong wind and then some blinding sun, I’ve also smashed my lifelong personal best record from last week! I walked non stop for 11.69 miles which is better than last weeks 11.28 miles…Getting stronger!! 💪🏼 

My lovaly wife Sarah made me one of her strong coffees before my walk, and i had a couple of slices of “Elwood Blues” toast (although i have 7 seed wholemeal and not white, lol). During my walk i didn’t stand still once (it’s like being chained to a treadmill for over 3 hours, lol) and i even ate (my fave ‘Portmanteau Cake – Banoffee crunch’) and drank on the move too…To say i’m happy is an understatement…My progressive attack approach is working…At the moment, lol! 🤣 

Motivational Quote…💪🏼

“You do not rise to the occasion, you simply fall back to your level of training.”

I managed this walk in 3 hours 15 minutes, and i’m happy with the 16’44”/Mile which was actually a little slower than last weeks 16’29”/Mile pace. As long as i stay under 18’18”/Mile i’ll finish under 8 hours which is my goal…Well just finishing the trail marathon would be amazing at this stage, lol! 🤣 

Motivational Quote…💪🏼 

Do the hard work now so that it is easier later. If you fail to train, you just trained to fail.

My Blindman Trail Marathon Challenge…😨    

I know I’ll be stretching myself past my limits for this challenge and so your encouragement and support would really help me to keep my training on track. Any donation you can spare would build my morale and endurance so I can smash this and reach my £1,000 goal to make my mum proud. 

Together we can be a force for change and BEAT MS! 💪🏼 

Steve’s Blindman Trail Marathon

Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis SocietyIn Memory of my mum Valerie.

Read all about my story and epic challenge HERE

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