#2 Trail Marathon Training – Another 3 Laps Today! 💪🏼

September 2021 award badge

Hi all…Yay i managed another 3 laps (just), and i also smashed my ‘health and fitness goal’ for September! 💪🏼 

I managed just over 8 miles (3 laps) non stop this morning, and i was very happy i survived! I can’t believe this was my idea, lol…If doing these 3 laps were my challenge, i’d be happy i’d managed it as i was completely exhausted! BUT i know there would be no chance of anyone sponsoring me for such a small challenge, lol! 🤣

As next month is coming up fast, i’m filled with trepidation as i have to up my laps to 4 in October (over 10 miles non stop). I  seriously don’t know how i’m going to do 4 laps never mind nearly 11!! 😨 My feet also don’t need any more blisters too, as the few i have are plenty! 🤣 


I’m totally motivated by the amazingly kind 7 supporters who’ve sponsored me already, and each time i’m out training i can hear them cheering me on through their kind words they left on my fundraising page! 😀 

Also winning my badges and smashing my ‘health and fitness goals helps a little too! 💪🏼 

The Trail Marathon…😨  

As the ‘Trail Marathon’ will be 26.2 miles (nearly 11 laps) I’m going for a progressive attack approach and increasing the laps by 1 (2.5 miles) each month until April 2022…Well that’s my plan anyway, lol! 😰  

I know I’ll be stretching myself past my limits for this challenge and so your encouragement and support would really help me to keep my training on track. Any donation you can spare would build my morale and endurance so I can smash this and reach my £1,000 goal to make my mum proud.


Together we can be a force for change and BEAT MS! 💪🏼 

Steve’s Blindman Trail Marathon

Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis SocietyIn Memory of my mum Valerie.

Read all about my story and epic challenge HERE


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