#1 Trail Marathon Training – 3 Laps Today! 💪🏼

16 09 2021 Walk 3laps

Hi all…Yay i managed another 3 laps! 💪🏼 

I recalculated my water intake after my last 3 laps (so i wouldn’t be desperate for the toilet like last time, lol) and all went well! I felt better than my first attempt and even had a lovely Grenade chocolate mint protein bar after lap 2! 😋 

I walked slower than last time (blisters about healed) as i wanted to see how slow i can walk before i hit 18 minutes a mile as that is the slowest i can walk during my trail marathon. Thankfully i thought i was going pretty slow…But to my surprise i was still doing 16:40 minutes a mile, fantastic! 😲 

Also the sun was blinding (pun intended) and i had to stop lots of times as my vision was completely smashed! Everything completely disappeared into a yellow out (like a white out in the snow) and i simply couldn’t continue…Thankfully i didn’t hit any trees which was a bonus!! 🤣 

The Trail Marathon…😨  

As the ‘Trail Marathon’ will be 26.2 miles (nearly 11 laps) I’m going for a progressive attack approach and increasing the laps by 1 (2.5 miles) each month until April 2022…Well that’s my plan anyway, lol! 🤣 

I was stupendously surprised (not only for making it round 3 laps), but i’m trying to keep a quicker pace than the one i’ll have during the trail marathon’m, and hopefully this will get my body in better shape for the challenge….I need to stay below 18 minutes 18 seconds to do the trail marathon under 8 hours, which is my goal! 😰

I’m possibly stretching myself a little too far for this challenge and so I’d really appreciate your support. 😵 

Steve’s Blindman Trail Marathon
Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis SocietyIn Memory of my mum Valerie.

Read all about my story and epic challenge HERE


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