😭 Goodbye Trainers…Hello Blisters!

Puma clean

Hi all. 

During my ‘ultra Step Challenge’ through advent 2020, you may have noticed that i was always wearing my fantastic trainers, which were a gift from my lovely wife Sarah for losing 3 stone. They have been my most fav trainers i’ve ever owned, and i’ve owned some cool trainers before, they were just so spongy! 😀 

i’ve also been wearing them now i’ve started my ‘Trail Marathon’ training this last week. I thought these have seen me through a gruelling challenge before…So why not get me through this one too!


I think my trainers glamoured me or something, as i hadn’t realised the padding had worn through in a few places inside! I can’t use my blindness as an excuse as i should have noticed this…A school boy mistake!  😨 

I’m now sat with a super doughnut shaped fancy plaster creation by Sarah on my foot, and my walking has been cancelled for the rest of this week. 🤕

My trainers are now in the bin…But i still wanted to write this post in memory of these stupendous trainers. They don’t stock any more in my size so these will be the only pair i’ve owned. 😭 

But on the positive side…🤣 

I’ve just found this ‘Perfect Month’ badge i’d achieved for hitting my move goals every day for August! 💪🏼 🙌 

Perfect Month August Badge


One thought on “😭 Goodbye Trainers…Hello Blisters!

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    Please don’t forget to click through to my’Fitblitz’ blog and follow me on my ‘Trail Marathon Training’ during the next 7 months…I’d really love to have your support and encouragement, looks like i’m going to need it, lol! 🤣


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