😲 New Move Record Badge! 🙌

1422 Kcals burned in 1 dayHi all! 

I’m giving thanks again for this ‘New Move Record’ badge. I earned this award yesterday after my longest walk time without stopping during the start of my ‘Steve’s Blindman Trail Marathon’.

It’s great to see i’ve burned 1422 calories over my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and it means i can have MORE FOOD to stay in my healthy calorie deficit! 🤣 


2 thoughts on “😲 New Move Record Badge! 🙌

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! This trail marathon is going to be a gruelling event and the next seven months are going to be exhausting! So every little award I am going to celebrate on the way, lol! 🤣
      I am sorry if all of these award posts are boring you to tears. 😨 God bless you 🙏


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