🙌 Yay…A Lifetime Personal Best During My Trail Marathon Training! 💪🏼

784 Kilocalories Badge

Hi all…You’ll never believe this?! 😲  

Today was my first day of increasing the mileage (number of laps) to a distance i’d never walked without stopping before! 😨  

Each lap of the trail is 2.5 miles and this month i’m attempting 3 laps without stopping. So today was my first time walking with my backpack and carrying water and a trusty Grenade protein bar supplied by my lovely wife Sarah. I thought after losing 5 stone (70 pounds) my legs would be able to manage an extra couple of pounds or so, lol! 🤣 

I knew it was going to be more difficult as the sun was really bright and stopped me seeing most of the trail, i even missed a turning but managed to get back on it…But when i was in the shade i made sure i nailed it! 💪🏼

I drank some of my water at the halfway point of each lap, and i ate my tasty Grenade bar after lap 2 whilst not stopping…Had to check if i could drink and eat on the move, and i was fine with no stitch etc! 😋   

The Trail Marathon…😨  

As the ‘Trail Marathon’ will be 26.2 miles (over 10 laps) I’m going for a progressive attack approach and increasing the laps by 1 each month until April 2022…Well that’s my plan anyway, lol! 🤣 

I was stupendously surprised (not only for making it round 3 laps) but for managing 8.24 miles at an average pace of 15 Minutes 39 seconds. I need to stay below 18 minutes 18 seconds to do the trail marathon under 8 hours, which is my goal! 

During my training i’m trying to keep a quicker pace than the one i’ll have during the trail marathon’m, and hopefully this will get my body in better shape for the challenge….I’m still like a sporty family saloon car but i need to be a ‘Group B’ rally car to pull this off, lol! 🤣 

My Personal Best Walking Record…

I still can’t believe i’ve done my lifetime personal best at none stop walking, and i won this badge for burning 784 calories during my walk…Time for some lunch, lol! 🤣 

I’m not expecting to win another badge until October when i’ll try and attempt 4 laps..But you never know! 💪🏼 

Today’s Quick Stats…📈

Distance: 8.24 Miles

Time: 2h 9mins

Pace: 15 Mins 39 Sec per Mile

Calories: 874

Elevation Gain: 424 feet


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