#2 What’s Happening To Me? – “Sunbathing”🤔

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Hi all.

My lovely wife Sarah has always LOVED sunbathing…And i HAVEN’T, lol! If you’ve ever followed us “The Blind Sightseers” on our travels, you’ll know that Sarah is always in the sun and i’m somewhere melting into a puddle of goo! 🤣

I’ve never been comfortable in the sun and always hated the heat, i’d always try and find shade or find some other way out of it but stay as close to Sarah as i could. Just sitting outside a coffee shop or in our own back garden seriously felt like my bones were being steamed in a cauldron of boiling water, whilst my skin was being attacked by a million angry wasps with mini switchblades  cutting into me! 🔥🔥


Now i’ve lost 5 stone (70 pounds) i sit out with Sarah everyday in our garden (when the sun is out anyway) and i’m always the one wanting to stay out longer. I also have to think about being out too long and getting sun burnt…This is something i’ve neve had to think about before as i’ve never been sun burnt as it used to hurt me to be in it! 😲 

The sun actually feels nice now and i can finally enjoy it. Now i understand why my lovely wife Sarah enjoys and loves to be out in the hot sun…And it feels fantastic!! ☀️ 💪🏼 😀 


3 thoughts on “#2 What’s Happening To Me? – “Sunbathing”🤔

  1. Hey Steve,

    I love how you write! I can just picture you, sitting in your backyard, in a pile of “goo.”

    We are in the midst of a heat wave here – not a big fan. I do love feeling the sun on my face though.

    Stay cool!


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    1. Hey Nancy! I write down exactly what i’m thinking as i’ve had no writing ability or qualifications at all, lol!
      Yes i really did suffer even in the cooler sun too, and i really melted in the hot weather since we’ve been abroad! ☀️
      It sounds really scorching hot over your way and i hope you and Ken are staying safe and well?.
      God bless you both. 🙏 😀

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