🐾 #29 Pawing away the 2021 lockdown blues with “Bruce THE Boxer” – “Catch”

Bruce running with a worried face trying to catch the ball just above his head. Sarahs legs are in the back left of the photo

Welcome back to your daily lockdown drill brought to you by Bruce…Your fave Boxercise instructor!  

I’m filled with trepidation…This is the 143rd time Sarah has thrown the ball and i want to make sure i keep a 100% record of catching it before it stops bouncing! “Paw Power” 🐾  

Fun Quote…“A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.”

🎶 Remember our happy singalong…”Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, chocolate or cake, I’ll be watching you.” 

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 🐾 Begin Boxercise class from Day 1  🐾

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