🐾 #7 Pawing away the 2021 lockdown blues with “Bruce THE Boxer” – “Let Me See Your War Face”

Bruce sprinting face

Welcome back to your daily lockdown drill brought to you by Bruce…your fave Boxercise instructor! 

Attention!! Today let’s talk about your War Face 

To make sure you smash your goals each day, is to make sure you make war with the enemy of health and fitness….Kryptonite! This can manifest itself in many ways (it’s like a shapeshifter) e.g: junk food, tempting marketing, excuses and many more! It’s entire aim is for you to stop being healthy and becoming the best version of you, you can be.  

Don’t forget…Whilst practising your war face…This too is a great exercise for training your face muscles…A win win, lol! 🤣 So to get every drill performed each day…is to make war with Kryptonite! There is no better way to do this than to show your war face.

Show me your war face! Now show everyone your war face!

Let’s come together and destroy the evil lair of laziness! 🐾


Your motivational fitness, fun photo…📸


If you need inspiration…The photo of me (top of post) performing yesterdays drill (short sprints) is a great example of a ‘War Face’. Don’t be afraid to add a little growl (the deeper the better) to add more drama! 🤣 


🤔 “A lean dog shames its master.” Japanese Proverb! 

 🎶 Remember our happy singalong…”Every snack you make, every meal you bake. Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.” 

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