🐾 #4 Pawing away the 2021 lockdown blues with “Bruce THE Boxer” – “Day Of Rest”


Welcome back to your daily lockdown drill brought to you by Bruce…Your fave Boxercise instructor! 😀 

Now let’s talk about rest and sleep. It’s vitally important to take a day of rest to give your body a chance to heal, All of these Boxercise classes may leave you exhausted (if you’re putting in the effort) and needing rest…Well i have good news!  

It turns out that sleep is crucial for strength training recovery and helps with muscle repair after a strenuous workout. On the flip side, inadequate sleep can interfere with the body’s ability to recover after lifting weights and inhibits the body’s ability to build maximum muscle strength.

This is why having a healthy meal plan with enough dietary protein to aid in muscle repair and new muscle growth is vital. As many of the critical restorative functions in the body, like tissue repair and muscle growth—occur mostly or only during sleep.

So the bottom line is…Sleep can help de-stress, build muscle and also help our minds focus…On FOOD, lol! 😀 🥩

🎶 Here’s a happy singalong to share with your human…”Every snack you make, every meal you bake. Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.” 😀    

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