❤️ Thank You!! 💪🏼 😀

Me Winners Trophy

 Wow…I’m still filled with ineffable joy as i think back over my gruelling step challenge, and as i sit reading all of your encouraging, loving and inspiring messages i’m getting quite emotional!

All of your cheering, sharing and kind comments have helped carry me through one of the hardest things i’ve ever done…And now it’s time to try and say a huge thank you to you all without having enough words to describe how you’ve all made me feel throughout this challenge. So i’ve posted a list of thanks to you below which i’ll cherish forever! 😀  

  1. I’d like to give a gargantuan amount of thanks to you Ambber (my sister) for your understanding, support and encouragement…Especially as you’ve just been into hospital with severely high blood pressure! ❤️ Message: “Blood pressure as us as a family know is a life changing deadly illness, we’ll done Bro for raising awareness of this invisible killer, so proud of you xx xx”
  2. A colossal thanks to Charis & Adam for your donation and relentless kindness. 😀 Message: “Good luck!”
  3. A huge thanks to Dora for always believing i can do it…Whatever the challenge!  💪🏼
  4. A heart warming thanks to Christine for always being here to cheer me on! Message: “Good luck Steve, you’ll be amazing 👟👟👟 🏃🏃🏃” 
  5. A massive thanks to Alan for completely silencing  me with a mind blowing donation that equates to £20 a day for 24 days! Message: “Great to help. Fundraising for this often overlooked charity I admit your stamina. And pray for good weather!”
  6. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Sheila for her support and encouragement. 💪🏼  
  7. A colossal amount of thanks to Sarah A who just keeps on supporting me no matter what! 💪🏼 Is it too early to ask for her to take some photos with her stupendous camera skills? 🤣 Message: “Good luck Steve, this is a really good cause and I’m sure you’ll smash it!” 
  8. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Linda & Charlie for all of their support and encouragement. 💪🏼 Message: “Good luck Steve x” 
  9. A powersliding thanks to Ben W who always turbocharges my challenges!! 🏎
  10. I’d like to give a monumental amount of thanks to Anita & Mark for their relentless encouragement! With you guys cheering me on, i know i’ll smash it like at Tough Mudder! 💪🏼 Message: “Go Steve! I know you will smash this like you did Tough Mudder.” 
  11. A huge thanks to Laurence for her kind donation & share! 💪🏼 Message: “Good luck Steve, all the best x”
  12. A mind-boggling amount of thanks to Ben & Rosie for their staggering display of kindness! 💪🏼 Message: “Well done Steve – amazing stuff!” 
  13. I’d like to give a stupendous amount of thanks to Rachel K for her support and donation! Message: “Good luck Steve, what an amazing challenge and great charity.”
  14. I’d like to give a Joyful, Tropical, Caribbean and of course ‘Red Belly (the best cake in the world)’ amount of thanks to George and Cynthia, for their kind donation last night. I simply can’t believe just how kind, loving and generous hearted you guys are…❤️ I think i’ll need some red belly during this challenge which will give me the power, boost and a smile all along the way, lol! 🤣
  15. An enormous amount of thanks to Lynda for her kind and loving donation. Message: “Good luck Steve. You will smash it”
  16. Please turn your Marshall amp volume knobs up to 11, and make a joyful, riff rocking noise as we need to thank Phil for his guitar blitzing donation! 🎸🎶🎤 Message: “Well done Steve, you’re a Warrior for a very good cause.”
  17. I’d like to give an elephantine amount of thanks to Peter and Kathryn for their kind, love and support for this challenge!
  18. I’d like to give a stupendous amount of thanks to Sandie for her support and donation! 😀 Message: “may the Lord keep you safe and strong.”
  19. I’d like to give an elephantine amount of thanks to Janine Lewis, for their kind, love and support for this challenge! Message: “I’d walk every step with you Steve! You are an amazing man. Good luck x”
  20. A huge amount of thanks to Daniel Arthur for his kind donation and inspiring message: “Keep on walking….”
  21. A huge thanks to Charlotte Smith for her fantastic donation and support! Message: “Congratulations Steve (& Sarah as your support team), fantastic achievement & really important cause. Good luck for the remaining days.”
  22. A massive thanks to Lorna for her donation and inspiring message! Message: “You and Sarah are bloody legends and the biggest inspiration to us all ❤️ Your latest adventure took me back to getting very lost training for RNIB’s South Downs 30K last year!! Loving your spirit xxx”
  23. A brobdingnagian amount of thanks to my lovely wife Sarah, who has made this challenge possible with her tireless support and encouragement! Message: “I know how hard this has been for you Steve….. But keep pushing on…. YOU ARE NEARLY THERE!!!! Xxxx”
  24. Wow…The inspiring Lynda Russell has donated for a second time! Message: “Steve you are such an inspiration. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you but you will certainly smash it. I’m donating again because you deserve to have the encouragement for all your hard work.”
  25. A huge thanks to Ella for her loving donation! Message: “Hi Steve, we are so very proud… fantastic achievement! Lots of love Ella & Pete XX”

Finally…I’d like to give a monumental amount of thanks to 11 mysterious strangers for their kind, loving and supportive donations…And fantastic messages!

  • YOU DID IT !!! Ordinary people know their limits, YOU continue to push what you can achieve higher and higher. Congratulations on your amazing tenacity & motivation…you are a winner Stevie Rebus xxx
  • Nearly there Steve, you’ve got this!
  • You are an inspiration! What an adventure. Go Steve 🙂
  • I wondered why you kept walking past our property.
  • What a challenge!! May God go with you as you walk in His service.
  • Steve Look good – 20,000 steps a day for 24 days will be a great achievement
  • Go Steve Rebus 🙂🥳😎
  • Well done Steve!
  • Good luck and enjoy the step challenge Steve! 🙂 

Even more thanks…

And of course i want to thank Blood Pressure UK for their vital work, encouragement and for supporting and cheering me on the whole time. They were always with me and never failed to leave me messages, emails and of course…The T-Shirts! 😀  

Thanks…And thanks again (to 36 sponsors) for this overwhelming encouragement towards this challenge, and the vital life changing cause that’s close to my heart…And effects me in my day to day life! ❤️

I hope you’ve been inspired to keep a healthier heart?! ❤️❤️❤️ 

It’s still not too late…

If you’re reading this and would like to be a part of this challenge and cause…Then my fundraising page is still open for a few months…CLICK HERE and join the team!💪🏼 😀 


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