❤️ #23 Blindman Advent Ultra Step Challenge: TIRED & EXPIRED!! 😰

23rd Dec walk


Hi friends! 

Yay…Well at least it’s nice weather for ducks…Or a blindman kitted out in his sports waterproof gear, lol! 

Apart from lack of energy and aching eyes from too much focusing, today went quite well with no dramas. I’m not sure if everybody has seen my challenge and got inspired to get healthy…But i’ve never seen so many people, dogs cyclists and runners in my life, lol! I’m hoping they’ve checked their numbers and are making the right changes to their lifestyles, lol! 🤣 

You may have noticed that i’ve been wearing my fantastic trainers, which were a gift from my lovely wife Sarah for losing 3 stone. They have been my most fav trainers i’ve ever owned, and i’ve owned some cool trainers before. But they are starting to feel exactly like i feel…Tired and expired!! 🤣 

Trainers before my challenge… 

Puma clean

 Trainers after my challenge today, and with 1 more day to go if they hold on… 

Puma Muddy

 I love this quote… 

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated” – Russel Warren (cricketer)

 Are you feeling inspired yet? I’m not sure i can give much more…And there is still 1 more day to go, also i’m never going to give up asking you guys if you “Know your numbers?!:. 

Guitar lesson…

I was falling asleep during my guitar lesson today, as after i’d finished my walk. Sarah and me had to walk into town for some Christmas food shopping. I was only halfway through creating this post, when i had to stop and do an hour long guitar lesson.

And then…

Yay…The muppets fun theme song blasted out of my phone! It was another kind donation towards this challenge. I’d like to thank Ella and Peter for also leaving me an inspirational message…And i’d also like to thank you all for donating, encouraging and motivating me all of the way!! 💪🏼 😀

Me guitar lesson

I can’t believe i’ve made it this far, and i’m so close to smashing my 262 (10 marathons) goal. 😀 With only 1 day left…It’s not too late to donate to this vital and life changing cause, which is so personal to me and my day to day life. ❤️ 

Today’s Grenade bar advent calendar flavour is…???

Grenade Advent Calendar

Grenade Carb Killa Cookies & Cream Bar…Mmmmmm A triple layered bar consisting of protein nougat, topped with chocolate caramel, coated in milk chocolate and crispies. Packed with protein, with over 23g per bar! 💪🏼 😀 

Stats so far…

  • Total steps: 495,115
  • Total miles: 255.70

Now to try and not collapse…But rest and repair these aching, tight and tired legs, back, hips, shoulders, arms, knees, ankles, fingers, ribs, elbows, ears, eyes, metatarsals, biceps femoris and blistered feet ready for tomorrows challenge!

An Advent For Change…❤️

OH…Have you heard about my ‘Blindman 20,000 steps, every day, for 24 days (during advent 2020) for Blood Pressure UK!’ That’s around 252 miles!! 

If not, lol…Please read my story and DONATE if you can to this vital and life changing cause. Yay i’ve now smashed my fundraising target of £1,000 but as some of you may know…I’m always looking to over achieve, so please donate if you can. This challenge is not over yet! 💪🏼 😀 

Also don’t forget to share and make everyone aware of the silent killer that could be lurking inside us! 

Do you know YOUR blood pressure numbers?? 

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and the world this Christmas…Is a healthier you! ❤️ 💪🏼 😀 

Blood Pressure UK Logo Edited

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