❤️ #22 Blindman Advent Ultra Step Challenge: HUMBLED & SPEECHLESS!!

22nd Dec Walk


Hi friends! 

After yesterdays rain, 20mph winds and lack of energy…It was time the gloves came off…And they did literally, as there was no rain, no wind and it’s a lot warmer!! 🤣 Even the beanie hat stayed at home today. I also meant business when putting on the shorts…They felt like i was coming home and i was very happy to be wearing them again! 💪🏼

As i leave for my walk at the same time everyday, i know it’s a similar time when i arrive at the crossroads just before i call Sarah. Yesterday as i was double tapping my AirPods to evoke Siri a piercing siren screamed past which upset Siri somewhat, lol. But that’s not the fun part because at exactly the same time and place as i was about to call Sarah again today…A siren started coming from behind me again, so i whipped my phone out as quick as i could to see if i could get a photo of whatever it was. It just seemed strange that it would happen twice like this…Not sure why i mentioned this too, lol. 🤣 


The 9 mile marker…??!!   

Tree woods walk

 You’ll never guess what happened at the 9 mile marker..???

 Just as the progress announcement speaks into my ear (it does this every 5 minutes)…The muppets fun theme song starts playing at the same time…And you know what that means??!!! I’m sure i’m going to have a heart attack one of these days when i hear that sound, as i get so excited i nearly explode, lol! 🤣 

I stopped walking instantly and checked (once the whole theme song had finished of course)…It’s not only an amazing donation from our lovely friend Lynda…But this was her SECOND donation!! And this was the encouraging, supportive and motivating message she’d left…

“Steve you are such an inspiration. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you but you will certainly smash it. I’m donating again because you deserve to have the encouragement for all your hard work.”

I was simply stunned, and i’m still stunned as i type this…So i think i’ll end this post here completely humbled and speechless. 😀 

Today’s Grenade bar advent calendar flavour is…???

Grenade Advent Calendar

Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos bar…Mmmmmmm A triple layered bar consisting of protein nougat, topped with caramel, coated in milk chocolate and crispies. Packed with protein, with over 23g per bar! 💪🏼 😀 

Stats so far…

  • Total steps: 473,978
  • Total miles: 244.54

Now to try and not collapse…But rest and repair these aching, tight and tired legs, back, hips, shoulders, arms, knees, ankles, fingers, ribs, elbows, ears, eyes, metatarsals, biceps femoris and blistered feet ready for tomorrows challenge!

An Advent For Change…❤️

OH…Have you heard about my ‘Blindman 20,000 steps, every day, for 24 days (during advent 2020) for Blood Pressure UK!’ That’s around 252 miles!! 

If not, lol…Please read my story and DONATE if you can to this vital and life changing cause. Yay i’ve now smashed my fundraising target of £1,000 but as some of you may know…I’m always looking to over achieve, so please donate if you can. This challenge is not over yet! 💪🏼 😀 

Also don’t forget to share and make everyone aware of the silent killer that could be lurking inside us! 

Do you know YOUR blood pressure numbers?? 

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and the world this Christmas…Is a healthier you! ❤️ 💪🏼 😀 

Blood Pressure UK Logo Edited

Advent Ultra Step Challenge Day Navigator –

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