❤️ #3 Blindman Advent Ultra Step Challenge: Rain!

3rd Dec Walk


Hi friends!

Woah i can hear the rain pounding the window and i havn’t even got out of bed yet…It’s beating down harder than my beta-blockers! 🤣 

I was excited about trying my new fully waterproof adidas adizero tracksuit bottoms but i didn’t want to get soaked in the process…But i suppose that’s the point of wearing them, lol. I knew my stupendously bright Dortmund jacket was waterproof but i still wasn’t sure how it was going to go today. 🤔

Although it rained for the full duration of my walk and the sound of the rain on my hood was stopping me hearing my surroundings properly…It was a nice day for me. The heavy clouds made the light evenly dull which was really good for my sight as there were no sunny patches that means my eyes have to keep adjusting and that plays havoc with my sight…And there were much less people out in this stormy weather which is fantastic, as it’s the moving obstacles that make it much harder, not the static ones! 🤣 

When i returned home i was soaking wet…But only on the outer layer, yay! I was completely dry underneath…Fantastic…My clothes stood up to the job! And when Sarah made me a hot fresh espresso…I’d made it through another days challenge! ☕ 💪🏼 

I now have even more aches than yesterday and the weather app has given freezing temperatures and even the chance of snow tomorrow, so it sounds like it could be another fun adventure! 🤣 

Today’s photo… 


Today’s Grenade bar advent calendar flavour is…

Grenade Advent Calendar

Grenade Carb Killa Chocolate Fudge Brownie bar…Mmmmm! A decadent Chocolate, triple layered treat with a soft brownie centre with walnuts & chocolate chips. Wow what a treat after a cold and wet walk!   💪🏼 😀 

Stats so far…

  • Total steps: 63,929
  • Total miles: 32.75

Now to dry off, rest and repair ready for tomorrows challenge!

An Advent For Change…❤️

OH…Have you heard about my ‘Blindman 20,000 steps, every day, for 24 days (during advent 2020) for Blood Pressure UK!’ That’s around 252 miles!! 

If not, lol…Please read my story and DONATE and help me smash my £1,000 target! 💪🏼

Please don’t forget to share and make everyone aware of the silent killer that could be lurking inside us! 

Do you know YOUR blood pressure numbers?? 

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and the world this Christmas…Is a healthier you! ❤️ 💪🏼 😀 

Blood Pressure UK Logo Edited

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