❤️ Blindman Advent For Change Step Challenge training: Update #5

Fitbit Stats 11Nov

 Hi friends!

Yesterday i went for my second full walk and thankfully there were no dramas this time. 😀 

As i track the walk each time, the app doesn’t give me the amount of steps i have reached (which is the whole point) but if i can stay between 18 & 19 minutes pace, and make sure i walk about 10.5 miles it seems to be just over 20,000 steps! Yay!

  I have to hold my breath though when i hit finish and reveal the step count, as i don’t want it to be below the 20,000 mark. I know i could just record another one and add them together…But i’m trying to get it on 1 stat page. 💪🏼 

An Advent For Change…❤️
Blindman 20,000 steps, every day, for 24 days (during advent 2020) for Blood Pressure UK! That’s around 250 miles!!

Please DONATE and help me smash my £1,000 target! 💪🏼 


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and the world this Christmas…Is a healthier you! ❤️ 💪🏼 😀 


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