❤️ Blindman Advent For Change Step Challenge training: Update #1

Image 1

I asked my lovely wife Sarah to help guide me along a new route today. I thought (in my head) that it would be pretty straight forward and a nice addition to my scalextric type track which is a mile long…But it my help me not to get too bored keep going round and around! 🤣 

Although it would’ve been a ¼ of the daily length i need…Sarah didn’t like it though as there were just too many lamp posts and other obstacles along the way. I agreed as my headache was really strong as i struggled and concentrated too hard…So i’ll keep trying and calculating but there is only 1 calendar month to go!! 💪🏼 😀 

An Advent For Change…❤️

Blindman 20,000 steps, every day, for 24 days (during advent 2020) for Blood Pressure UK! That’s around 250 miles!! 

Please DONATE and help me smash my £1,000 target! 💪🏼 


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and the world this Christmas…Is a healthier you! ❤️ 💪🏼 😀 

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